Sous Vide grass fed Striploin served with buttered mash potatoes, garden greens, truffle butter and a red wine jus.

Then finish your palate with some of these tasty Portuguese tarts!

Steak and Mash

  • To reheat steak: 

    1. Bring a pot of water to a light boil (insure the pot is large enough for the steaks), then turn off heat and wait about 5 minutes for the water temp to drop. 


    2. Drop in steaks (keep in bag) for about 30 seconds to bring the steak to temperature. 


    3. Remove steaks out of water 


    4. Remove from steaks from bag, pat dry with paper towel


    5. Season steaks with oil, salt and pepper 


    6. Prepare a very hot pan to sear the steak until a crust is formed.  Your smoke alarm should go off if you desire a pink steak.  otherwise for well done, cook until desired.  Allow a rest time of a few minutes before eating. 



    Meanwhile reheat the mash potato in a small pot or microwave and warm the jus until hot.  


    Dress the salad with our mustard vinaigrette and plate up. Add the truffle butter on top of the steak for a luscious steak or be cheeky and stick in the mash when your warming it up. 


    Portuguese Tarts: 

    Pre-heat oven to 160c and warm for approx 10 minutes/ until pastry is flaky to your liking.