A perfect way to impress someone special or to celebrate a special occassion, with our five course degustation now available for you to "prepare" at home. Our step-by-step guide will ensure you are well equipped to put together these dishes just like a professional Chef. You will have the opportunity to be guided through the process one-on-one or via chat.


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Individual courses are also available.

Five Course Degustation

  • First Course: Each gazpacho is portion for you (served cold). 

    - Transfer to  a small bowl.

    - Drizzle some olive oil and garnish with some herbs ontop , serve with the focaccia. Note: You can save the focaccia to have with the kingfish as an option 

    Second Course: King Fish Carpaccio

    - Remove king fish from vacuum sealed bags

    - Remove the first sheet of baking paper, leaving the second sheet of baking paper on.

    - Tansfer the fish directly onto a plate  and press the fish down lightly with your hands

    - Gently remove the baking paper off the fish. If a few pieces are out of line just put them back in place.

    - Season the fish lightly with some salt and olive oil.

    Then this part is really up to you to play around with:

    - With a small spoon drop small droplets of the fermented capsicum (approx 5 no bigger the a 5cent coin) and same with the apple gel. - -- You should now have 10 droplets on-top of the fish. Garnish with the shaved radish and place them on the (fermented capsicum)

    - Then place the celery heart leaves on the apple gel.

    - Finally place the edible flowers on the fish in between the garnish. 


    Third Course: Seared Quail

    - Pull the quail out and remove it from the bag, pat dry and season. --- You can place this on the bbq or a  hot pan to get some nice colour. A few minutes per side is all thats needed.  When done let the quail rest.

    - While the quail is resting, plate up some of the pickled fennel, a quenelle of the burnt onion and the miso cauliflower. ( Warm the cauliflower up in the microwave for easy work) and plate the quail and lime. 


    Fourth Course: Hanger Steak

    - Remove from bag, pat dry and season. Sear the steak on a really hot pan for a great crust or directly on the bbq (approx 2-3 minutes per side) and always rest the meat before cutting


    - Meanwhile while the potatoes are roasting, and steak is searing or resting. Char off the carrots in a hot pan or bbq. Then heat the pea puree in the microwave stirring occasionally to make sure it's evenly heated. Warm the peas up with some butter. 


    - To plate up and keep it simple with this one. 


    Fifth Course: Mascarpone Panna Cotta

    - To remove the panna cotta from the mould; place some boiling water into a bowl (one that is big enough to submerge the panna cotta mould into). Dip the mould into the water for about 20 to 30 seconds to slightly warm the edge of the panna cotta.

    Have your plate of choice ready and choose precisley where you want the panna cotta to lie as is no turning back.

    - Place the plate on top of the panna cotta mould. Using both hands (one hand holding the plate, while the other holding the mould) tip the panna cotta upside down and lift the mould off the plate. 


    - Transfer the berry gel into the squeezey bottle, drop some droplets of the berry gel around the mascarpone, approx. 3 to 6 droplets no bigger then a 10 cent piece. feel free to make your berry droplets varied in size for a abstract style plating.


    Garnish suggestion:

    Garnish the plate with your strayberries, blueberries around the plate. Place about 3 spoonfulls of the hazelnut crumb, then your honeycomb peices and finish with the edible flowers. 


    You can always use our picture as a guide to how you can plate this dish up, or get creative and have fun! This is the most important part.


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